Thursday, 18 November 2010

Life is such a drag. Pffft.

Rupaul's Drag Race is about to run it's 3rd season, and is the drag equivalent of America's Next Top Model. Normally I find these american reality shows too melodramatic and fake, but with the subject of this one being Drag, any superficiality is welcome and appropriate. I only wish I'd followed my instinct to watch sooner, then I woulda caught the first season of what truly is an extravaganza. The intensely dazzling costumes, make-up, variety and personalities not only appeal to the fashionista in me, but also the gay half of my sexuality, and as Rupaul would indeed say, the series oozes Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent.

So having recently been majorly and quite worryingly addicted to Rupaul's Drag Race, it has become clear that I'd like to share a few images and opinions with my ol' faithful followers. Well, young ol' faithfuls :]

1. I hate the "Logo" website.
How can I get my Drag fix if they deny UK access? No available previews, no available behind the scenes, no available full episodes. I wouldn't mind if every other website wasn't all like "watch it here" and then linked me to the now trademark Logo "this video is unavailable in your region" page.

2. Pandora shoulda stayed.
The episode in which she was eliminated required each contestant to make over a mature gay man in their own images, and perform a lip-sync with them. Not only should one of the most endearing queens, Pandora Boxx, have stayed, she ought to have won the challenge; Her presentation was great and her drag mother had the closest resemblance. Just because a) the judges have a personal vendetta against her and b) Raven carried her drag mother off stage, they used the lamest excuse of "Pandora was upstaged by her Drag Mother" to chuck her off the show - even though any of the other queens would have been equally (if not more-so) upstaged if they had been assigned her partner.

3. Nina Flowers is Mesmerising
Her style is androgynous, timeless and sumptuous, and her make-up skills are second to none. Look, here is proof. Not evidence, PROOF:

4. Raven was robbed!
Now the thing with Raven is, in spite of her arrogance and unnecessary hatred of Tatianna, she was often right in saying "I shoulda won that f***in' challenge!". The judges always asked Raven for more, and she always gave them more. She wasn't ever worthy of being in the bottom two, she should have beat Tyra in the Wedding Challenge, and she should have won the whole thing. She had everything they were looking for, and every right to be bitter about 2nd place.

5. Tammie Brown has grown on me
After the most hideous first impression ever, I did a bit of myspace stalking on Ms Brown, and found some of the most brilliant shots:

It is evident that I didn't "get" her immediately, and neither did anyone else. I think she could have done well on Drag Race.

6. Future Predictions:
Here are the next seasons' contenders:

My money is on Raja, due to her reputation. But I'd really like Yara Sofia to win, as I've also stalked her online profiles and seen that she not only does a MEAN Lady Gaga, but covers even more variety than Nina Flowers and Raven put together.

Right, I'm done now. I hope that wasn't too gay for y'all. It has definitely increased my homosexuality by another few percent. Oops!

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