Saturday, 26 June 2010

The Placebo

But the real question is... who really writes this blog?

The channel is here, check it out, subscribe, whatever, just enjoy yourself at the expense of my dignity and all will be fine :]

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Don't hate me but...

look at the new Big Brother house! LOOK AT IT!

Holy Wooden Hut that's good!
I used to be a Big Brother fanatic, but its kind of subsided now (due to the general lack of originality in things such as house design... but THIS is amazing. This is like, how the Big Brother 7 house should have been!

Friday, 4 June 2010

Slick Chick Chic.

Urgh what a pretentious title. I coulda done better than that...

Anyway, t'has been SUCH a long time since I attempted to write an album review. The last one was back in the dark, laborious days of cyberpunk, and I think I failed to sway anyone into thinking that Billy Idol's flop of a concept album was actually any good. But fear not, I have reinforcements, in the form of radical feminist artists; Chicks on Speed (CoS), and their album 99 Cents.

Now do y'all remember the system?
GREEN - the best songs, with multiple plays on iTunes
AMBER - the ones that are good, just not amazing
ORANGE - the ones that wouldn't make the playlist, but I have no problem listening to.
RED - The ones I'd delete if I didn't have such an OCD about burning the whole album

This is perhaps the most easy on the ears of CoS's efforts at music. They are, and always will be, an art collective as opposed to a band. But due to the nature of this album's thick layers of timbre and thumping basses, one could perceive otherwise. The concept of the album is a satirical take on pop culture, poking fun at the world's successes and failures and making sarcastic statements with songs such as "Sell-out", "99 Cents" and "We Don't Play Guitars". In the process however, the Chicks take on a more polished, radio-friendly sound, which is what makes this album so good, even if its reasons are ironic, which almost accidentally compliments their image, fusing together a terrific juxtaposition of worlds.

The spiky, scratchy, minimalistic sound of earlier CoS albums, as well as future ones, is not entirely lost, with spasms of glitchy sampling in "Universal Pussy" and their sumptuous cover of "Wordy Rappinghood". However, the album manages to sustain a smooth mix of professionalism and haphazardness, resulting in a clean-cut, rich sound that is as dance-worthy as it is political. The superficiality they are aiming to ridicule is so remarkably tangled up with their own experimental electro that it doesn't matter which side of the line you stand - you can enjoy this album regardless of your opinions of such issues as selling out, material possession and being fashionable.

Now, in a rough order of preference:

01 We Don't Play Guitars - slightly edges Wordy Rappinghood for the top spot
02 Wordy Rappinghood - the first CoS song I heard
03 Shooting from the Hip
04 99 Cents - I can totally imagine a music video - I'm thinking standing on market stalls with a megaphone?
05 Fashion Rules
06 Universal Pussy
07 Coventry
08 Love Life
09 Shick Shaving
10 Culture Vulture
11 Sell-Out - too wannabe hip-hop for me.
12 Flame On

So that's 99 Cents. And now I'm exhausted. I'll leave on the highlight of CoS's career - the We Don't Play Guitars music video. They did UV way before the Black Eyed Peas even touched it, and y'know what? They did it BETTER: