Sunday, 30 May 2010

The Cover Story

My top ten album covers. Based on nothing but my own aesthetic preferences :]

10. Bjork - Medulla
There's something about a woven hair mask, illegible text and pneumonic tinges of blue in the skin that makes for a very striking album cover

9. TLC - CrazySexyCool
The spooky, follow-you-around-the-room eyes and facial expressions that speak almost of sedation live up to the crazy, sexy, and, of course, cool vibe of the album perfectly.

8. Bryan Adams - Cuts Like A Knife
I like the pose, the outfit, the hair, and the border. One day I might even listen to it.

7. Fugees - The Score
The text kind of reminds me of The Godfather. And the way their faces sort of emerge from the shadows is really simple but effective.

6. Janet Jackson - Control
Its the hair, plus the squiggles, and the black and white photo against primary colours. It's just so...eighties!

5. Prince and the Revolution - Parade
I love forward-facing waist-upward pictures of single persons on white backgrounds. And this is a textbook example of that.

4. Grace Jones - Island Life
Because everything about the image is jsut slightly impossible. Think about it. You can't even plug a mic into a socket, let alone pose like that!

3. Prince and the Revolution - Purple Rain
This cover has everything. It has smoke, puddles, purple, a motorbike, a caped woman and a flowered border. What more could you want?

2. Suede - Suede
Androgyny at its best. Done even better than Bowie would do it.

1. Neneh Cherry - Raw Like Sushi
I love this cover so much, I drew it onto a t-shirt:

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Conquests of the Summer

1. Get the look. I'm bascially aiming for what I already have, with a summery/military/romantic-a-la-Prince and the Revolution-y twist. Yeah it's going to be hard.

2. Watch as much of The OC as possible. Except for the last third or so of Season 1, because I hate Theresa. She ruined everything, moreso even than Oliver.

3. Leave more calling cards, my calling card apparently being:
(Post-It with a smiley face - the Lucas™ way to flirt)

4. Learn to cook. Spag Bol at least. University will be hard enough without my mum's occasional sparks of cullinary genius being absent from my life.

5. Go camping in Wales with 3-8 of the most awesome people I've ever met.

6. Listen to as much Bowie, Beatles and Prince as possible. And, of course, Gaga.

7. Get a job.

8. And to prove I can do it all (except article 7), Vlog/Blog like a lunatic.

So let's get started eh? :]

Sunday, 16 May 2010

I know you love your _____, but please, just PUT IT DOWN FFS.

I do not like getting all angsty in blogs. It shows an ugly, ugly side to me, and the internet is one of the few places I can disguise this ugly side, as it is all too apparent in real life. But seriously. This has gone too far.

I like to think of  myself as relatively cultured for someone of my age. I subscribe to youtubers, follow bloggers, and all that jazz. All so that I can get an occasional taste of different and fantastic worlds that I only barely know. But recently, something has got to me, with a few blogs I follow.

Dear culprit one: You have a SX-70 polaroid. I get it. C'mon, I even memorised the number thingy because you mentioned it so much. And every image you put on your blog is taken with the damn thing. I remember reading, some time long ago, you use a RANGE of cameras to take photos, which is yet to be proven. And the worst part is that you're only going on and on about your bloody polaroid camera to be twee. It jsut simply wouldn't do if you took all your goddam photos of cupcakes and pencil crayons and childrens' silhouettes in the sunlight with a regular camera. As if you weren't already twee enough.

Dear culprit two: I get the impression that you're feeling rather guilty for your skeptisism of the iPad, and now you feel that the only way to get redemption is to use it in every single picture you draw. It's all iPad this, iPad that. Which is a shame, because your blog used to be so varied and interesting. Oh and btw, THAT was not life drawing. That was drawing a clothed woman on an iPad. Not life drawing. Life drawing is pain-staking, long-morning-ed, sweating-like-a-pig, hard, physical labour.

OK rant over.

So, in other news, my FMP is currently in overdrive. I have two weeks left, and I am shitting myself. I set aside this morning to do some stitching photos together... and am blogging. Urgh. On that note, I'll be a-goin' :] Bye!

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Bad Day?

Then cheer yourself up....

With meekakitty!

Or whataboutadam!

Or both!

Yes, these are the reasons I haven't been blogging so frequently. Sorry.
They are also the reasons I do no work in photography lessons.