Monday, 26 April 2010


... for making thousands and thousands of posts (Ok, two... and a third which never got published) and then deleting them. I am a perfectionist when it comes to blogging. Which is perhaps the most inappropriate thing to have perfection issues with.
Anyway, sorry for all this indecisiveness. I'll hopefully get back into the swing of things soon :]

Monday, 12 April 2010

How to Keep a Sketchbook: The Video!

OK so here's a little thing I thought up a couple months ago, and after becoming a slight bit of a youtube nut, thought I'd make into a video. So it's inspired by mememolly's "Internet", and y'all should all check her out, she's pretty mint. Check out "Jenga", c'est fantastique!

And I'll leave y'all on that mellow, mellow note. Innabizzle, crocadizzles!

Friday, 9 April 2010

Pig Dresses & Guilded Frames

Ok so you've come for the elusive title. And you'll STAY for the innovative fashion, funky photos and super collaborations. Huge credit to the makers and the models, Alice, Ellie, Holly and Lara(?), its been good times :]

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Video Woes

After about 3 previous attempts, my video has finally uploaded for y'all to enjoy!
There should be another one soon, but it requires narration, for which a microphone is needed. And I don't have one. But I'll keep you informed :]

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Cinema Paradiso/Love Film?

It's been a long time since I made a post about a film. Which is a shame, because I love film.

I always watch that "" advert, seeing insignificant clips of various goofy comedies and mainstream shite flashing up, and I think to myself "These sort of films aren't the kind of films you can love, and the sort of people who do enjoy watching these films can't possibley love film with any kind of passion". Maybe I'm taking the advert too seriously, but LOVE is a serious word. I really do find the concept of loving any film with Will Ferrel in it impossible.

Which is why I'm fronting my LOVE FILM campaign (not really, but still...) with, in my opinion, the most lovable film of all time. Cinema Paradiso is epic, sentimental, illustrious, romantic, heartbreaking, tearjerking and breathtaking. It really is. The film could not represent the words "love" and "film" any better way.

So here are my tokens of wisdom:
  • Have some tissues on the side. You WILL cry.
  • Its all in Italian, so expect subtitles. They don't bother me, but if you're the sort of person who gets all whiney about them, then grow some balls and suck 'em up for the duration of this film. Your petty moaning about having to read will only ruin it.
  • There are two versions. The original theatrical version, and the director's cut. I'll say this much; the original is significantly happier than the directer's cut, but there's a lot of added detail you don't get from the original version... its up to you. I'd personally go with the original, just to avoid the bittersweet ending.
And that's all you're getting. See this is why I don't write much about films, because I don't like giving anything away. Which leaves hardly anything to write about.
Stars? 9/10. 1 star deducted for being slightly goofy at the beginning. But other than that, its a pretty damn-near perfect film.

Friday, 2 April 2010

Lucas's Fables of Fashion: Volume One - The Genius of Jack Wills

I'll be honest. At first, I disliked Jack Wills. I dismissed the clothing range as pretentious, overpriced and really quite generic. And I think to some extent I was right. On face value, it is only there so the people who can afford it can look down onto everyone wearing Topman and River Island as if they're trash (A school of thought derrived from the snooty Oxbridge stereotypes for which the brand specifically caters for). In short, it all looked the same to me, the only differences being the name tag and the price tag.

But, expensive and uppity as Jack Wills may be, I have warmed to it. I don't personally own any Jack Wills clothing (my budget hardly stretches beyond charity shops nowdays), and there is no way in my current financial state that I would even consider buying even something as mere as a tie. Not one that is priced at £30 anyway! But say I had the money... I think things would then be entirely different.

The clothes themselves are average. But together? It's a whole other story.
Par Example: Spring/Summer 2010
Once you own a wardrobe of Jack Wills,
you need not bother with any other clothes.

It's mix and match heaven. Everything goes together with a quick, boisterous, slightly rugged air of charm and, one can imagine, ruffle of the hair. Add a few more items come winter, and you're set for a good 5 years, at least, depending on your age. Jack Wills have succeeded where Topman have failed. Consistancy and market tailoring are the key. No other way could you make a tweed jacket match a pink pair of shorts. I doubt that you could have a wardrobe of Topman and make as many fresh-looking outfits as you could with the same amount of JW. I struggle even with a wide plethora of high street goods and second hand finds.

Once you realise the potential, the ostentatious promotion of JW as "University Outfitters" not only loses the stigma that I so negatively associated with it, but it gains a cool, desirable, almost suave new angle. I WANT IN! It almost makes me wish I'd tried harder in school!