Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Behind Every Great Man...

there is at least one great woman. In Prince's case, like, millions. But two in particular.


I do, I really do. Admittedly, I do perhaps love Wendy just a tad more than Lisa, but together they are amazing. I love them both, and so should you. And here are just a few reasons why:

1) Because they used to have hair like this:

2) Because everyone loves Heroes (Except me), and I'll bet that not one of you knew that Wendy and Lisa are the sole providers of original music for that program? Well they are, so there.

3) Because of Wendy's face + the music at 1:46

4) Because they helped make prince what he is today. I hope he knows how much he owes to them

5) Because they are still alive and kicking and making fantastic music.

6) And collaborating with the best people in the industry. IE: Grace Jones (YES, they co-wrote this masterpiece)

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Token Ginger Kid.

For a while I've been considering my, umm, heritage. My ethnicity. My origins of appearance and the demographics of my ancestory. The fact that, in spite of my mother's rather uncharacteristically Jewish approach of denying any glitchy chromosome or guilty gene pool, I AM GINGER.

And I wish I could show it. Man, I wish I was gingerer. I wish I was everybody's favourite ginger. I think it may be my life mission to prove that ginger is fuckin' brilliant. But as it goes, I am just not ginger enough. A recent haircut released thick clumps of hair cascading down infront of my own eyes. I was glad to see it go. Not only because of the fact that my hair was getting far too big to maintain, but also because as the clumps drifted down through my line of vision, not even the harsh, tungsten lighting of our tiny kitchen was enough to saturate the colour of my hair any shade brighter than a mousey brown. How on earth dare I have the nerve to call myself ginger with so much eumelanin in my hair?

Luckily the cut has left my hair a less compromising mousey blonde, with definite hints of red and what will hopefully be a long summer of intense UV light to bring out all that ginge that I'm trying so hard not to conceal.

But in the meantime, only my pale skintone can vouch for my recessive ginger gene. And this leads to frustration. I mean, being more ginger is simply impossible. Its one of those audio-visual things. The less ginger I am physically, the less so I am mentally. So y'all can only imagine how thrilled I was to find this video. I have never been able to identify so much with a black person. Especially considering this blog is all about being ginger.

TokenBlackChic, I salute you :] I will totally watch your entire repertoire.

Friday, 26 March 2010

FMP - Furtive Mysterious Project

...or, as more commonly known, Final Major Project. But I thought the augmentation I used in the title was far more appropriate, since I've been keeping you bloggy lovelies in the dark about it. Well fear no longer, you are about to see the light. The early morning sunlight, over the top of the Weaver Hills, to be more precise!

Now I'm going to assume you know who Bjork is (unlike far too many people). And I'm going to assume you've heard Hyperballad, one of her most defining songs. I'm sick to death of having to explain the concept of the lyrics to people in order for them to understand my project... so it'd really help if you check out the lyrics yourself, if you don't already know the jist of the song... Now the task I have set myself is to interpret those wonderous lyrics photographically. And at now at the end of the third week of the project, here are my top five results so far :]

(Btw, Remember Kurt Iswarienko? I'm trying to channel his style, just incase you wondered)

Sorry Kiddos, I've had to watermark them (with possibley the most unoriginal watermark ever) and reduce the resolution right down... Mostly because they are work in progress, but also because I do eventually plan on charging for them, like when they're done and that.

Also, muchos thanks to my glorious model Natasha, who is illuminating the project with her being and is really making it shimmer :] Wouldn't y'all agree?

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Lucas's Travels.

11 days? 11 DAYS!? Its been so long!
But, as always, I can perfectly justify my absence - you see, Plymouth, and then subsequently London were calling :] And just because I love you, here are some exclusive snaps from my journeying, as well as some Back Stage Goss. (Or, in real terms, crude observations.)

I hadn't seen the sea in 8 years.

The glorious view...

...from my glorious room.

Plymouth is like Newcastle-under-Lyme. Only with seagulls instead of pigeons. I mean, obviously it is slightly bigger, and if you walk far enough then you reach the sea. But it has the same sort of atmosphere, just a bit ...cleaner. Which is understandable, knowing that Newcastle is in Stoke. The uni was nice, and I really do like the course and the people. The other thing is that there are couples everywhere. Sometimes with the occasional third wheel. I'm not sure if this is comforting or not...

Empty Tube Carriage.

MY gardens. (They're not that good...)

Train people at Euston.

So I thought I was going to get lost and raped in London. But because of the lack of barriers at Euston, the ultra-automation of the tube, and the linear route to Camberwell college, I managed to find my way OK. I ate what I can only assume was Greek cuisine, at what I can only assume was a Greek cafe (Sirigou would be proud), and I found my own gardens! The people were surprisingly nice in Camberwell, and although I didn't quite get the creative vibe I expected from the college, the district itself was great!

So there we have it. Hopefully regular-ish posts will resume? If I don't get shot in the back by the lovely Final Major Project I ought toactually be doing now instead of this.

I'll do it right after.

OK Who am I kidding, I'm going to go get a sub!

Friday, 12 March 2010

Why I love photography - pt2: Kurt Iswarienko

It's been a busy week, kids. Lots of work, travelling, and waiting for public transport. And I was thinking, my blog really needs an update, as does my whole "Why I Love Photography" series. So here is installment number two - The outdoor fashion photography - Kurt Iswarienko!

Now this week was the first official week of the dreaded FMP (Final Major Project), and with my first photoshoot lined up for tomorrow on the Weaver Hills, I needed some bloody good and relevant images to reference. And it didn't take more than a few seconds to remember my vast collection of saved Kurt Iswarienko images on my USB stick (which I have now mended!). His images are like fantasies. The colours are wild and wispy as the overgrown grass on which they lie. They are mysterious and soulful, but also the scenary is safe and strangely serene, and the models look free. The whole eludes summer. And I feel like I'm in a dream when I look at them. Which is exactly the kind of qualities I want in my photos.

He's online here:
And here:

...but he seems to have had a bit of a spring clean since I got these images. Check out his other stuff as well, these ones just capture the essence I love in his work.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

LoveMusic. LovePrince. LoveSexy.

Sorry there about the cheesey ol' title, I really couldn't think of anything appropriate. I had to incorporate either LoveSexy or Sign 'o' the Times in some way though, as that is what this post is about.

Now there is no way, no way I am even going to try to condense all my admiration and enthusiasm for Sign 'o' the Times (from now lets keep it as SOTT), so don't even think it for a second. Someday, when I've eased y'all gentley into the wonderful world of Prince, much like a child learning to swim, THEN I will launch everything SOTT on you so you can appreciate the true genius which occured in 1987. Until then, you'll have to settle for this taster.

Now as I mention, this is about LoveSexy and SOTT. The band for which, is pictured above. I DO like this band. I mean, it is slightly out, but what it lacks in Wendy and Lisa, it makes up for in Boni Boyer and Sheila E. Now I just bought a VHS of the LoveSexy Tour (part one) from a charity shop, and was disappointed to find the sound was bust. But I was, however, pleasantly surprised to find the band was the same as SOTT, which I love almost as much as lasagne. IE a lot. I have no idea how I managed to become such a huge Prince fan and not know this fact. And if I'm honest, I'm even more frustrated that the sound is bust now that I know that my favourite of Prince's band is featured.

So why do I love this band, and indeed, SOTT so much?
THATS why.

So here is the thing. I own copies of all of Prince's albums, right from Dirty Mind to Emancipation, with the exceptions of Come and LoveSexy. So I'm currrently listening to Lovesexy. The one good thing about it being a seamless album is that Spotify doesn't interrupt it with inappropriate adverts. Many regard LoveSexy as a disappointing follow-up to SOTT, and as much as I can see their point, I also think that The Black Album (the proposed alternative, pulled from distribution just weeks before its release date) is quite mediocre compared. And I definitely believe LoveSexy is a better album. So I'd say check it out. Don't be put off by the cover.

Right I'll shut up about Prince now. Small doses, that's the key. I know how much I can bore people about the guy. But one day you will see. You'll ALL see!

Saturday, 6 March 2010


So, photographer of the year competition 2009? My personal shortlist faves? Go on then!

"Fuel Girls" - Al Overdrive

"Stephanie" - Anna Best

Laurence Cartwright - West Pier At Low Tide

Michael Novrianus Maikro - Two Different Sides

Gary McParland - New Years Frost

Supasit Srisawathsak - In The Deep

I am jealous of their skills. And their cameras. Somebody mysteriously have the urge to buy me a DSLR(Nikon please, me not trust Canon after the usb-contamination incident)?

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Familar Faces: The Finale

Perils or no perils, nothing was going to stop me from finishing my project held up high by my lovely friends :] Here are the final 10. All cropped and edited how I want 'em :]

Thanks to all you guys, and also to Beth and Sam. Camera/Interview troubles are real bastards, huh?

Does this LOOK like a goddam horcrux to you?

You've all read Harry Potter 7 right? Right.
So you know when they eventually get hold of the real slytherin locket, and they have to carry it around their neck, and it worsens the mood of the wearer so they have to keep switching? And its like a bad omen to them? Well I seem to be in the same predicament:

To the untrained eye, this looks like a mere USB stick, but to the wearer of the cursed item, it's a whole other story. Twice has it tricked me into thinking I'd successfully saved jpeg images onto it, and both times all it took was the safe removal from a mac or a pc, and the images were vanished. Did I save the images elsewhere before removing the hardware? I did not. Was I awfully pissed off to find my images were no more? Yes.

USB Horcrux, you have caused me much grief. Who knows what calamity you are yet to summon into my life. Please spare me of such perils, I know not the way to escape them.