Sunday, 12 December 2010

Why I love photography - pt3: Lucas Samaras

So I bet you're all sitting at home with your large-format plate cameras, coloured gels and nude models, not having a CLUE what to do with them all. No? Well just incase you are, here are a few of the best, from the expert on combining all of the above, Lucas Samaras.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Words I need to stop saying.

You know when you say a word too much when you a) notice it and b) start trying in vain to find alternatives. There have been many examples throughout my life; dude, amazing, y'all... but the one that has grated on me the most in recent times is "video". Video, video, video. I hate it. I hate how much I say it, I hate the way I say it, I hate that there are no other words for it. I seem to use the word in every video I make. Unfortunately, there seems to be absolutely nothing I can do about it, except repeat "video" over and over and over again.

So in the spirit of multiple videos, here are some multiple videos. I promise I still do real blogs too!

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Lucas. Is. Gaga. (Mad or Lady, you decide)

About a month ago, I made this work of genius, and being somewhat out of sorts (blog maintainence-wise), did not notify y'all of this seminal moment in the history of youtube. At least, as far as my rather small number of subscribers are concerned.

As always when posting a video, I encourage you to subscribe to m'channel:
and I'll see you soon for another small chunk of culture/madness :]

Sunday, 21 November 2010

This is an album review of 'Hurley' by Weezer.

You'll probably have noticed/will notice a gradual decrease in quality with the titles of my blog entries. Whether they be unimaginative, or some kind of tacky pun, or down right irrelevant, I doubt I'll be able to muster up the inspiration to wow y'all with a title ever again... Oh well lets get on with the review.

'Hurley' by Weezer is not perhaps the most obvious choice for a review. Going against the usual musical grain of unknown ironic feminist bands or cult concept-album flops or, lets face it, Prince, Weezer is a band that people have heard of! I was initally put off them due to Rivers Cuomo's hair in the Sweater Song video, but they have grown and grown on me, until they have finally made an album I can enjoy all the way through :] So I think "yays" are due all around. YAY!

Now do y'all remember the system?
GREEN - the best songs, with multiple plays on iTunes
AMBER - the ones that are good, just not amazing
ORANGE - the ones that wouldn't make the playlist, but I have no problem listening to.
RED - The ones I'd delete if I didn't have such an OCD about burning the whole album

01 Memories
02 Trainwrecks
03 Brave New World
03a All My Friends Are Insects (bonus)
04 Where's My Sex?
05 Smart Girls
06 Ruling Me
07 Time Flies
08 Hang On
09 Unspoken
09a Viva La Vida - Coldplay cover (bonus) - wouldn't be so bad if the crowd didn't give such a half hearted cheer every 30 seconds :/
09b I Want To Be Something (bonus)
09c Represent - Rocked Out Mix (bonus)
10 Run Away

When I say "enjoy all the way through", I mean until the end of the first bonus track, where you may as well stop listening, with the exception of boring old track 6, 'Run Away'. Infact, if it wasn't for the slight anomaly, 'All My Friends Are Insects' (originally recorded for a Childrens TV show), I'd say just get the regular version. Not that I've been able to track a copy down.

The songs highlighted in green are purely sumptuous. I can listen to them over and over again, lovingly drowning in the jaded lyrics of 'Trainwrecks' or the anthemic, modal chorus of 'Memories'. Songs like 'Smart Girls' and 'Ruling Me' remind one of a younger, simpler Weezer who no-one has grown to love more than me. Shit, I even did my own accapella cover of Buddy Holly. Seriously. If I could upload audio onto here I'd prove it. (Go on Blogger, take a cue from Tumblr!)

All in all, I guess I'm not gonna be able to convince you how seriously amazing this CD is if you don't get on with rock music. But if you're even slightly compatible, I suggest you give the album a listen and try not to get addicted to at least one of the songs. Go on, I dare you.

Oh yeah incase you were wondering - No, Hurley from Lost being on the cover has absolutely no relevance to any of the lyrical, musical or thematic content of the album. He just, and I quote, "has an awesome face". Unfortunately I have no direct source for that quotation, but I and many other people would be inclined to agree with that statement and therefore accept it as a perfectly valid reason, even if no-one in the band officially said it :]

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Life is such a drag. Pffft.

Rupaul's Drag Race is about to run it's 3rd season, and is the drag equivalent of America's Next Top Model. Normally I find these american reality shows too melodramatic and fake, but with the subject of this one being Drag, any superficiality is welcome and appropriate. I only wish I'd followed my instinct to watch sooner, then I woulda caught the first season of what truly is an extravaganza. The intensely dazzling costumes, make-up, variety and personalities not only appeal to the fashionista in me, but also the gay half of my sexuality, and as Rupaul would indeed say, the series oozes Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent.

So having recently been majorly and quite worryingly addicted to Rupaul's Drag Race, it has become clear that I'd like to share a few images and opinions with my ol' faithful followers. Well, young ol' faithfuls :]

1. I hate the "Logo" website.
How can I get my Drag fix if they deny UK access? No available previews, no available behind the scenes, no available full episodes. I wouldn't mind if every other website wasn't all like "watch it here" and then linked me to the now trademark Logo "this video is unavailable in your region" page.

2. Pandora shoulda stayed.
The episode in which she was eliminated required each contestant to make over a mature gay man in their own images, and perform a lip-sync with them. Not only should one of the most endearing queens, Pandora Boxx, have stayed, she ought to have won the challenge; Her presentation was great and her drag mother had the closest resemblance. Just because a) the judges have a personal vendetta against her and b) Raven carried her drag mother off stage, they used the lamest excuse of "Pandora was upstaged by her Drag Mother" to chuck her off the show - even though any of the other queens would have been equally (if not more-so) upstaged if they had been assigned her partner.

3. Nina Flowers is Mesmerising
Her style is androgynous, timeless and sumptuous, and her make-up skills are second to none. Look, here is proof. Not evidence, PROOF:

4. Raven was robbed!
Now the thing with Raven is, in spite of her arrogance and unnecessary hatred of Tatianna, she was often right in saying "I shoulda won that f***in' challenge!". The judges always asked Raven for more, and she always gave them more. She wasn't ever worthy of being in the bottom two, she should have beat Tyra in the Wedding Challenge, and she should have won the whole thing. She had everything they were looking for, and every right to be bitter about 2nd place.

5. Tammie Brown has grown on me
After the most hideous first impression ever, I did a bit of myspace stalking on Ms Brown, and found some of the most brilliant shots:

It is evident that I didn't "get" her immediately, and neither did anyone else. I think she could have done well on Drag Race.

6. Future Predictions:
Here are the next seasons' contenders:

My money is on Raja, due to her reputation. But I'd really like Yara Sofia to win, as I've also stalked her online profiles and seen that she not only does a MEAN Lady Gaga, but covers even more variety than Nina Flowers and Raven put together.

Right, I'm done now. I hope that wasn't too gay for y'all. It has definitely increased my homosexuality by another few percent. Oops!

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Still Blogging for a Future Generation

Blogging was never anything more than a fad for me.

But, as with any other fad I've ever had, they come back around.

I'll never be "gone" and I'll never be "back".

I wish I could blog at a more consistent frequency,

But that's something I'll never be able to do.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Conquests of the Summer - Conclusion

In video form, once again. Which basically illustrates the final point of the agenda :/
There's a link to the original conquests of the summer post in the previous blog entry, as is there also a link to my lovely (and far more successful and entertaining) youtube page. So get your stalk on, and show me you love me. Just, y'know, not too graphically :/

Friday, 23 July 2010


What is official? That I am better at vlogging than I ever will be at blogging.
Here is some proof:

And here is the link to more proof, and hopefully a better portal to Lucas than this blog is. Let's face it, it was doomed from the word go.

Subscribe as needed :]

Thursday, 8 July 2010


One day I will get back to blogging. But for now you'll just have to suffer the vlogs entries :/
- for all of your Lucas-stalking/ridiculing needs. Please subscribe and comment and the like :]

Saturday, 26 June 2010

The Placebo

But the real question is... who really writes this blog?

The channel is here, check it out, subscribe, whatever, just enjoy yourself at the expense of my dignity and all will be fine :]

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Don't hate me but...

look at the new Big Brother house! LOOK AT IT!

Holy Wooden Hut that's good!
I used to be a Big Brother fanatic, but its kind of subsided now (due to the general lack of originality in things such as house design... but THIS is amazing. This is like, how the Big Brother 7 house should have been!

Friday, 4 June 2010

Slick Chick Chic.

Urgh what a pretentious title. I coulda done better than that...

Anyway, t'has been SUCH a long time since I attempted to write an album review. The last one was back in the dark, laborious days of cyberpunk, and I think I failed to sway anyone into thinking that Billy Idol's flop of a concept album was actually any good. But fear not, I have reinforcements, in the form of radical feminist artists; Chicks on Speed (CoS), and their album 99 Cents.

Now do y'all remember the system?
GREEN - the best songs, with multiple plays on iTunes
AMBER - the ones that are good, just not amazing
ORANGE - the ones that wouldn't make the playlist, but I have no problem listening to.
RED - The ones I'd delete if I didn't have such an OCD about burning the whole album

This is perhaps the most easy on the ears of CoS's efforts at music. They are, and always will be, an art collective as opposed to a band. But due to the nature of this album's thick layers of timbre and thumping basses, one could perceive otherwise. The concept of the album is a satirical take on pop culture, poking fun at the world's successes and failures and making sarcastic statements with songs such as "Sell-out", "99 Cents" and "We Don't Play Guitars". In the process however, the Chicks take on a more polished, radio-friendly sound, which is what makes this album so good, even if its reasons are ironic, which almost accidentally compliments their image, fusing together a terrific juxtaposition of worlds.

The spiky, scratchy, minimalistic sound of earlier CoS albums, as well as future ones, is not entirely lost, with spasms of glitchy sampling in "Universal Pussy" and their sumptuous cover of "Wordy Rappinghood". However, the album manages to sustain a smooth mix of professionalism and haphazardness, resulting in a clean-cut, rich sound that is as dance-worthy as it is political. The superficiality they are aiming to ridicule is so remarkably tangled up with their own experimental electro that it doesn't matter which side of the line you stand - you can enjoy this album regardless of your opinions of such issues as selling out, material possession and being fashionable.

Now, in a rough order of preference:

01 We Don't Play Guitars - slightly edges Wordy Rappinghood for the top spot
02 Wordy Rappinghood - the first CoS song I heard
03 Shooting from the Hip
04 99 Cents - I can totally imagine a music video - I'm thinking standing on market stalls with a megaphone?
05 Fashion Rules
06 Universal Pussy
07 Coventry
08 Love Life
09 Shick Shaving
10 Culture Vulture
11 Sell-Out - too wannabe hip-hop for me.
12 Flame On

So that's 99 Cents. And now I'm exhausted. I'll leave on the highlight of CoS's career - the We Don't Play Guitars music video. They did UV way before the Black Eyed Peas even touched it, and y'know what? They did it BETTER:

Sunday, 30 May 2010

The Cover Story

My top ten album covers. Based on nothing but my own aesthetic preferences :]

10. Bjork - Medulla
There's something about a woven hair mask, illegible text and pneumonic tinges of blue in the skin that makes for a very striking album cover

9. TLC - CrazySexyCool
The spooky, follow-you-around-the-room eyes and facial expressions that speak almost of sedation live up to the crazy, sexy, and, of course, cool vibe of the album perfectly.

8. Bryan Adams - Cuts Like A Knife
I like the pose, the outfit, the hair, and the border. One day I might even listen to it.

7. Fugees - The Score
The text kind of reminds me of The Godfather. And the way their faces sort of emerge from the shadows is really simple but effective.

6. Janet Jackson - Control
Its the hair, plus the squiggles, and the black and white photo against primary colours. It's just so...eighties!

5. Prince and the Revolution - Parade
I love forward-facing waist-upward pictures of single persons on white backgrounds. And this is a textbook example of that.

4. Grace Jones - Island Life
Because everything about the image is jsut slightly impossible. Think about it. You can't even plug a mic into a socket, let alone pose like that!

3. Prince and the Revolution - Purple Rain
This cover has everything. It has smoke, puddles, purple, a motorbike, a caped woman and a flowered border. What more could you want?

2. Suede - Suede
Androgyny at its best. Done even better than Bowie would do it.

1. Neneh Cherry - Raw Like Sushi
I love this cover so much, I drew it onto a t-shirt:

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Conquests of the Summer

1. Get the look. I'm bascially aiming for what I already have, with a summery/military/romantic-a-la-Prince and the Revolution-y twist. Yeah it's going to be hard.

2. Watch as much of The OC as possible. Except for the last third or so of Season 1, because I hate Theresa. She ruined everything, moreso even than Oliver.

3. Leave more calling cards, my calling card apparently being:
(Post-It with a smiley face - the Lucas™ way to flirt)

4. Learn to cook. Spag Bol at least. University will be hard enough without my mum's occasional sparks of cullinary genius being absent from my life.

5. Go camping in Wales with 3-8 of the most awesome people I've ever met.

6. Listen to as much Bowie, Beatles and Prince as possible. And, of course, Gaga.

7. Get a job.

8. And to prove I can do it all (except article 7), Vlog/Blog like a lunatic.

So let's get started eh? :]

Sunday, 16 May 2010

I know you love your _____, but please, just PUT IT DOWN FFS.

I do not like getting all angsty in blogs. It shows an ugly, ugly side to me, and the internet is one of the few places I can disguise this ugly side, as it is all too apparent in real life. But seriously. This has gone too far.

I like to think of  myself as relatively cultured for someone of my age. I subscribe to youtubers, follow bloggers, and all that jazz. All so that I can get an occasional taste of different and fantastic worlds that I only barely know. But recently, something has got to me, with a few blogs I follow.

Dear culprit one: You have a SX-70 polaroid. I get it. C'mon, I even memorised the number thingy because you mentioned it so much. And every image you put on your blog is taken with the damn thing. I remember reading, some time long ago, you use a RANGE of cameras to take photos, which is yet to be proven. And the worst part is that you're only going on and on about your bloody polaroid camera to be twee. It jsut simply wouldn't do if you took all your goddam photos of cupcakes and pencil crayons and childrens' silhouettes in the sunlight with a regular camera. As if you weren't already twee enough.

Dear culprit two: I get the impression that you're feeling rather guilty for your skeptisism of the iPad, and now you feel that the only way to get redemption is to use it in every single picture you draw. It's all iPad this, iPad that. Which is a shame, because your blog used to be so varied and interesting. Oh and btw, THAT was not life drawing. That was drawing a clothed woman on an iPad. Not life drawing. Life drawing is pain-staking, long-morning-ed, sweating-like-a-pig, hard, physical labour.

OK rant over.

So, in other news, my FMP is currently in overdrive. I have two weeks left, and I am shitting myself. I set aside this morning to do some stitching photos together... and am blogging. Urgh. On that note, I'll be a-goin' :] Bye!

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Bad Day?

Then cheer yourself up....

With meekakitty!

Or whataboutadam!

Or both!

Yes, these are the reasons I haven't been blogging so frequently. Sorry.
They are also the reasons I do no work in photography lessons.

Monday, 26 April 2010


... for making thousands and thousands of posts (Ok, two... and a third which never got published) and then deleting them. I am a perfectionist when it comes to blogging. Which is perhaps the most inappropriate thing to have perfection issues with.
Anyway, sorry for all this indecisiveness. I'll hopefully get back into the swing of things soon :]

Monday, 12 April 2010

How to Keep a Sketchbook: The Video!

OK so here's a little thing I thought up a couple months ago, and after becoming a slight bit of a youtube nut, thought I'd make into a video. So it's inspired by mememolly's "Internet", and y'all should all check her out, she's pretty mint. Check out "Jenga", c'est fantastique!

And I'll leave y'all on that mellow, mellow note. Innabizzle, crocadizzles!

Friday, 9 April 2010

Pig Dresses & Guilded Frames

Ok so you've come for the elusive title. And you'll STAY for the innovative fashion, funky photos and super collaborations. Huge credit to the makers and the models, Alice, Ellie, Holly and Lara(?), its been good times :]

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Video Woes

After about 3 previous attempts, my video has finally uploaded for y'all to enjoy!
There should be another one soon, but it requires narration, for which a microphone is needed. And I don't have one. But I'll keep you informed :]

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Cinema Paradiso/Love Film?

It's been a long time since I made a post about a film. Which is a shame, because I love film.

I always watch that "" advert, seeing insignificant clips of various goofy comedies and mainstream shite flashing up, and I think to myself "These sort of films aren't the kind of films you can love, and the sort of people who do enjoy watching these films can't possibley love film with any kind of passion". Maybe I'm taking the advert too seriously, but LOVE is a serious word. I really do find the concept of loving any film with Will Ferrel in it impossible.

Which is why I'm fronting my LOVE FILM campaign (not really, but still...) with, in my opinion, the most lovable film of all time. Cinema Paradiso is epic, sentimental, illustrious, romantic, heartbreaking, tearjerking and breathtaking. It really is. The film could not represent the words "love" and "film" any better way.

So here are my tokens of wisdom:
  • Have some tissues on the side. You WILL cry.
  • Its all in Italian, so expect subtitles. They don't bother me, but if you're the sort of person who gets all whiney about them, then grow some balls and suck 'em up for the duration of this film. Your petty moaning about having to read will only ruin it.
  • There are two versions. The original theatrical version, and the director's cut. I'll say this much; the original is significantly happier than the directer's cut, but there's a lot of added detail you don't get from the original version... its up to you. I'd personally go with the original, just to avoid the bittersweet ending.
And that's all you're getting. See this is why I don't write much about films, because I don't like giving anything away. Which leaves hardly anything to write about.
Stars? 9/10. 1 star deducted for being slightly goofy at the beginning. But other than that, its a pretty damn-near perfect film.

Friday, 2 April 2010

Lucas's Fables of Fashion: Volume One - The Genius of Jack Wills

I'll be honest. At first, I disliked Jack Wills. I dismissed the clothing range as pretentious, overpriced and really quite generic. And I think to some extent I was right. On face value, it is only there so the people who can afford it can look down onto everyone wearing Topman and River Island as if they're trash (A school of thought derrived from the snooty Oxbridge stereotypes for which the brand specifically caters for). In short, it all looked the same to me, the only differences being the name tag and the price tag.

But, expensive and uppity as Jack Wills may be, I have warmed to it. I don't personally own any Jack Wills clothing (my budget hardly stretches beyond charity shops nowdays), and there is no way in my current financial state that I would even consider buying even something as mere as a tie. Not one that is priced at £30 anyway! But say I had the money... I think things would then be entirely different.

The clothes themselves are average. But together? It's a whole other story.
Par Example: Spring/Summer 2010
Once you own a wardrobe of Jack Wills,
you need not bother with any other clothes.

It's mix and match heaven. Everything goes together with a quick, boisterous, slightly rugged air of charm and, one can imagine, ruffle of the hair. Add a few more items come winter, and you're set for a good 5 years, at least, depending on your age. Jack Wills have succeeded where Topman have failed. Consistancy and market tailoring are the key. No other way could you make a tweed jacket match a pink pair of shorts. I doubt that you could have a wardrobe of Topman and make as many fresh-looking outfits as you could with the same amount of JW. I struggle even with a wide plethora of high street goods and second hand finds.

Once you realise the potential, the ostentatious promotion of JW as "University Outfitters" not only loses the stigma that I so negatively associated with it, but it gains a cool, desirable, almost suave new angle. I WANT IN! It almost makes me wish I'd tried harder in school!

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Behind Every Great Man...

there is at least one great woman. In Prince's case, like, millions. But two in particular.


I do, I really do. Admittedly, I do perhaps love Wendy just a tad more than Lisa, but together they are amazing. I love them both, and so should you. And here are just a few reasons why:

1) Because they used to have hair like this:

2) Because everyone loves Heroes (Except me), and I'll bet that not one of you knew that Wendy and Lisa are the sole providers of original music for that program? Well they are, so there.

3) Because of Wendy's face + the music at 1:46

4) Because they helped make prince what he is today. I hope he knows how much he owes to them

5) Because they are still alive and kicking and making fantastic music.

6) And collaborating with the best people in the industry. IE: Grace Jones (YES, they co-wrote this masterpiece)

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Token Ginger Kid.

For a while I've been considering my, umm, heritage. My ethnicity. My origins of appearance and the demographics of my ancestory. The fact that, in spite of my mother's rather uncharacteristically Jewish approach of denying any glitchy chromosome or guilty gene pool, I AM GINGER.

And I wish I could show it. Man, I wish I was gingerer. I wish I was everybody's favourite ginger. I think it may be my life mission to prove that ginger is fuckin' brilliant. But as it goes, I am just not ginger enough. A recent haircut released thick clumps of hair cascading down infront of my own eyes. I was glad to see it go. Not only because of the fact that my hair was getting far too big to maintain, but also because as the clumps drifted down through my line of vision, not even the harsh, tungsten lighting of our tiny kitchen was enough to saturate the colour of my hair any shade brighter than a mousey brown. How on earth dare I have the nerve to call myself ginger with so much eumelanin in my hair?

Luckily the cut has left my hair a less compromising mousey blonde, with definite hints of red and what will hopefully be a long summer of intense UV light to bring out all that ginge that I'm trying so hard not to conceal.

But in the meantime, only my pale skintone can vouch for my recessive ginger gene. And this leads to frustration. I mean, being more ginger is simply impossible. Its one of those audio-visual things. The less ginger I am physically, the less so I am mentally. So y'all can only imagine how thrilled I was to find this video. I have never been able to identify so much with a black person. Especially considering this blog is all about being ginger.

TokenBlackChic, I salute you :] I will totally watch your entire repertoire.

Friday, 26 March 2010

FMP - Furtive Mysterious Project

...or, as more commonly known, Final Major Project. But I thought the augmentation I used in the title was far more appropriate, since I've been keeping you bloggy lovelies in the dark about it. Well fear no longer, you are about to see the light. The early morning sunlight, over the top of the Weaver Hills, to be more precise!

Now I'm going to assume you know who Bjork is (unlike far too many people). And I'm going to assume you've heard Hyperballad, one of her most defining songs. I'm sick to death of having to explain the concept of the lyrics to people in order for them to understand my project... so it'd really help if you check out the lyrics yourself, if you don't already know the jist of the song... Now the task I have set myself is to interpret those wonderous lyrics photographically. And at now at the end of the third week of the project, here are my top five results so far :]

(Btw, Remember Kurt Iswarienko? I'm trying to channel his style, just incase you wondered)

Sorry Kiddos, I've had to watermark them (with possibley the most unoriginal watermark ever) and reduce the resolution right down... Mostly because they are work in progress, but also because I do eventually plan on charging for them, like when they're done and that.

Also, muchos thanks to my glorious model Natasha, who is illuminating the project with her being and is really making it shimmer :] Wouldn't y'all agree?